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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

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Best Seller of Outdoor Generators & Garden on Amazon *

• 1-3kWh Expandable capacity
• Huge AC output
• 7x Faster AC charging
• Or go green without sacrificing speed
• Built to last 6x longer
• Control from anywhere
• 5-Year warranty
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The terms “DELTA” and “RIVER” as mentioned on this page refer to products exclusively manufactured by ECOFLOW INC.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 is a must-have for any home that puts power security & comfort first. Ensure you're prepared with the power station made for almost any situation your family could find themselves in. All while staying green.

Make it a triple. Expand capacity.

With a capacity of 1kWh to start with, you've got enough energy for your essentials for hours on end. Need even more? Add on the DELTA 2 extra battery to reach 2048Wh, or add on the DELTA Max Extra Battery to hit 3040Wh. Great for home backup or everyday appliances.

Power pretty much anything.

A 1800W AC output means you can power more than 90% of your home appliances. That's your microwave, fridge, or even coffee maker covered in a blackout. Or, try plugging in up to 13 devices at once for when you're around the table with the family. Unlike other brands, DELTA 2 can prevent overloading from devices up to 2400W thanks to X-Boost technology.

Go green without sacrificing speed.

Pair with solar panels and charge in as fast as 3-6 hours with 1x400W, 2x220W portable solar panels. With its MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) smart algorithm, DELTA 2 can actively detect the voltage and current in real-time to reach the maximum power point with >98% efficiency. That means a more efficient charge than other brands.

Pick from a range of solar panels to get the speed you need (110W, 160W, 220W, 400W). With that, you've got access to free energy anywhere.

Built to last 6x longer.

Finally… tech that's made to last. Get years of regular use until hitting 80% of its original capacity. That's down to its LiFePO4 battery chemistry giving you 3000+ full charge and drain cycles.

Safety first

DELTA 2's built-in battery management system regulates vitals to keep it safe, secure, and built to stand the test of time.

Ready for emergencies.

Use as an EPS (emergency power supply) to auto-switch to battery power when the grid goes down. Great for blackouts to keep your essentials running.

Control from anywhere.

Use the EcoFlow app to control your DELTA 2 from anywhere using Wi-Fi. Link with Bluetooth when off-grid. Either way, you can check charging data, customize settings and adjust the charging speed with ease.

Part of an ever-growing ecosystem.

DELTA 2 is just the start. Link with a wide variety of EcoFlow products such as portable solar panels, the Wave portable air conditioner, extra batteries and so much more. All to deliver a one-stop power solution for your family.

What's in the box

1.DELTA 22.AC charging cable3.Car charging cable4.DC5521 to DC5525 cable5.User manual6.App quick start guide7.Warranty card

*The solar to XT60 charging cable is included only with purchase of EcoFlow portable solar panels.



1024 Wh

Extra Battery

Support one DELTA 2 extra battery or DELTA Max extra battery

AC Output

4 outlets, 1800W total (Surge 2700W)

Max Device(s) Power (with X-Boost)


USB-A Output

2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 12W Max

USB-A Fast Charge

2 ports, 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A, 18W Max

USB-C Output

2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max

Car Power Output

1 port, 12.6V, 10A, 126W Max

DC5521 Output

2 ports, 12.6V, 3A, 38W Max

AC Charging


Solar Charging

11-60V, 15A, 500W max

Car Charging

Support 12V/24V battery, 8A

DC Charging


Battery Chemistry

LFP (LiFePO4 battery)

Cycle life

3000 cycles to 80+% capacity


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth


15.7 x 8.3 x 11 in / 400 x 211 x 281 mm

Net Weight

27 lbs / 12 kg

* Source: Bestseller in der Kategorie Outdoor-Generatoren vom 16-19. September 2022
Bestseller in der Kategorie Garten auf vom 16. September 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Paul B.
Great Delta 2

Great service and communication from EcoFlow.
The Delta 2 has been working great and we are able to do a lot more with it than we bought it for.

Philip W.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

Garry S.
Great product - awaiting fixes though

Absolutely love my new Delta 2. I have it plugged in constantly using the pass through feature fro my fridge, and then I recharge during the day when my house solar is active. I then use a smart plug to turn off AC pass through at midnight so my fridge always uses the Delta 2. In the morning I have about 40% left in the Delta 2 which I then charge up again during the day. Love the app too, so clear and simple to use with a host of features.
The only issue I have the Bluetooth fails almost immediately after you set the product up and never works again until you hard reset the device and/or unlink device from app and relink it. But then it fails again within moments. This is even more aggravating when the Bluetooth doesn't work, you open the app and it wants to allow Bluetooth on the phone...despite it never works. I'm conscious in the event of a power cut I wont be able to interact with the delta two as the Bluetooth wont work...So Ecoflow need to fix this feature pronto.

darren l.
Delta 2

Can’t believe how fast u shipped this ordered on the Sunday night delivered on the wed great bit of kit can’t wait for the summer to use it properly but right now running all the Xmas lights

David M.
Delta 2

Works ok. Does not take too long to charge up. Also not too heavy

Charles M.
Delta 2 + independence

As a campervan owner who like to wild camp; having a Delta 2 available brings an independence beyond our wildest dreams. We already had a leisure battery and solar power to run a fridge, and a diesel heater for cold nights, and now we can use our AC powered low wattage kettle (1000w) which we could not do before. On test it ran a 1000w oil filled radiator for three hours which was beyond expectation. That it is a relatively small compact unit is a bonus, and a lifespan three times that of its peers.

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