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What Is a Balcony Power Plant With Storage?

With the EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant with storage, you can conveniently store self-generated electricity for later use. Thanks to this innovative storage technology, you now have the option to use solar power at night. You can gain even more flexibility by combining your balcony power plant with storage with the Balcony Solar System. This microinverter can be connected to your power station and the mains, making it possible to either charge the power station or feed electricity into the mains, depending on what is more economical at that moment.

Energy Saving
Simple Set Up
Usable Day & Night

EcoFlow Balcony Power Plant with Storage

EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 + 220W Solar Panel
£1,098.00 £1,098.00
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EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 + 400W Solar Panel
£1,648.00 £1,648.00
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EcoFlow DELTA 2 + 220W x2 Solar Panel
£1,098.00 £1,098.00
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How Does a Solar Balcony Power Plant With Storage Work?

EcoFlow Balcony Solar Generators convert sunlight into direct current and act as a solar system on your balcony. The direct current is stored in the generator and converted into usable alternating current. You can easily use this electricity to power your devices and appliances. It’s that simple. No need for confusing converters, adapters, or similar electrical devices. With the EcoFlow Balcony Solar System, the electricity generated is also automatically fed into the power grid when your storage is full.

Save on Energy Costs

Break free from traditional energy systems and the relentless energy crisis. Soaring energy costs call for an optimisation of energy sources at home. Allow your home to be self-sufficient and lower the monthly expenses with a balcony power plant alone. Delight in the comfort of powering your home appliances as desired without worrying about breaking the bank.

Powering Home Appliances

Power heavy-duty devices and everyday home appliances, such as an electric heater, a fridge, an electric oven, an AC, and house lights, as well as any other electronic devices.


Space Heater



Wi-Fi Router

Coffee Maker


Hair Dryer

Cost Saving

Forget about that dreadful end-of-the-month electricity bill. This power plant enables you to save energy by generating it for you. With a sole 110W solar panel, save up to 115,5 kWh, more than enough to power a hoover for a total of 72 hours for a full year. Be even more independent, with the highest absorption capacity, a single 400W solar panel can save up to 420 kWh, sufficient enough to power per month, a microwave oven for 11 hours, a washer for 17 hours, and a ceiling fan for 150 hours.

Solar Panel 110W Solar Panel 160W Solar Panel 220W Solar Panel 400W Solar Panel
Length (mm) 1785 1590 820 2365
Width (mm) 420 685 500 1058
Height (mm) 25 25 32 25
Energy Savings
(1 year)
115,5 kWh 168 kWh 247,5 kWh 420 kWh

Smooth Set up

Worry about nothing when it comes to installing it in the space a balcony has to offer. With your rigid solar panel installed, simply connect the cables to the power station and instantly power up your home appliances. For those outdoor activity enthusiasts, the mobility a portable solar panel provides makes it an infallible camping companion, prepared to light up your nights and power up electronic devices on the spot anywhere you are. Alternatively, you can also connect the EcoFlow Portable Power Station to the solar panels, the power station, and the mains, and let the microinverter regulate your power supply with maximum efficiency.

Emergency Backups

Power up your daily routine appliances when the energy goes down. Sit back and relax, the balcony power plant’s vast storage capacity and practicality grants preparedness for any emergency scenario. Whether it’s a power outage due to a weather storm or an electrical malfunction, continue with ease your daily activities with serenity and satisfaction.

Use Less Grid Power

Savour the freedom the balcony power plant can bring to a home by exclusively utilising solar light. Go unbothered by monthly electricity bills and allow your lifestyle to depend less on grid power. Its effortless and friendly setup allows the use of energy from the accessibility of a balcony.


What is the difference between an EcoFlow balcony power plant with storage and a traditional photovoltaic balcony system?

The EcoFlow complete set includes a portable balcony power station with storage, so you can always store energy for later use. So, if you want to prepare for an emergency or store energy in advance, you can do so without wasting excess power like traditional systems. The Balcony Solar System also helps optimize your power supply. If this is what you are looking for, our balcony solar system is perfect for you.

What can I power with an EcoFlow balcony power plant with storage?

How safe is an EcoFlow balcony power plant with storage?

Which EcoFlow balcony power plant with storage should I buy?

The terms “DELTA” and “RIVER” as mentioned on this page refer to products exclusively manufactured by ECOFLOW INC.

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