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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Portable Power Station

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Portable Power Station

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•Sizeable 768Wh capacity and 800W output.
•Provides up to 1.8kWh a day from solar charging.
•Fastest recharge 0-100% in only 70 min.
•Safest LFP battery provides 10 years of use.
•First power station with a TÜV Rheinland safety certification.
•X-Boost output to 1600W and runs 80% of high-wattage appliances.
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The terms “DELTA” and “RIVER” as mentioned on this page refer to products exclusively manufactured by ECOFLOW INC.

Power. Never Been This Easy

Charge 0-100% in 70 mins

Fastest charging speeds ever.

RIVER 2 Pro beats the industry charging speed standard, fully charging in only 70 minutes. That's 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market and 27% quicker than previous generations. Fully charge RIVER 2 Pro while you pack your bags, so you'll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

Safe, for up to 10 years of use.

With upgraded long-lasting LFP battery chemistry at its core, charge and empty RIVER 2 Series over 3000 times. That's pretty much 10 years of everyday use[1] and 6× longer than the industry average. With LFP cells, RIVER 2 Series is safe, durable, and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures.

The first power station that's TÜV Rheinland safety certified.

RIVER 2 Series is a cut above the rest as the first portable power station in the world to earn the TÜV Rheinland certification for safety. With it’s high safety standard, the TÜV Rheinland certification means the security and reliability of your RIVER 2 Pro is guaranteed.

Smart Battery Protection System

Our state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of RIVER 2 Pro with multiple aspects of protection, extending its life to the max.[2]

4 Ways to Charge

Charge anywhere

With 4 different ways to top up the RIVER 2 Series, there’s a recharge option no matter what. From fast AC to in-car charging when you’re on the go.

AC Charging

Car Charging

Solar Charging

USB-C Charging

The easiest-to-use independent solar power system. Take it on camping or RV trips for stable, durable, and reliable energy on hand whenever you need it. Join hands with us in this energy-sharing world and live green.

The RIVER 2 Pro Solar Generator produces up to 1.8kWh daily, sufficient energy to run your essential appliances smoothly for almost half a day. Using the RIVER 2 Pro Solar Generator every day decreases your whole-year carbon emissions by about 143 kg. That's like planting 8 trees in a year!*

*Based on an average carbon emission of 0.736 kg/kWh and an average sunshine duration of 6 hours per day.

X-Boost Up to 1600W

Small size. Big power.

RIVER 2 Pro has an AC output of up to 800W. Need to power a hair dryer, microwave or electric kettle? Crank it up to 1600W with X-Boost mode to run up to 80% of high-wattage appliances.

Lightweight at only 7.8 kg

With a compact portable design, taking travel-friendly power off-grid has never been this easy. With a light-weight, RIVER 2 Pro is ready to power all your outdoorsy escapades, from camping to beach trips.

Stay in Charge with Smart Power

Monitor, control, and customize your power usage intelligently with the EcoFlow app.
Monitor Monitor


Real-time energy insights on the go.
View battery status live anytime, anywhere.
Control Control


Control even from afar.
Easily turn on/off output and the connected appliances remotely.
Customize Customize


Elevated battery lifespan and safety.
By tuning the charging speed to suit various charging environments, it's safe to use, preventing overloading and prolonging its lifespan.
Customize Customize


Stay calm and powered on.
When the power's down, AC Always-On ensures a seamless transition from the grid to backup power and unwavering protection of your fridge and other mission-critical appliances.
Constant Updates Constant Updates

Constant Updates

Constant updates for optimal user experience.
Regular upgrades to offer you industry-leading energy management.

Power. Anywhere. Anytime.

What's in the box

1. RIVER 2 Pro 2. AC Charging Cable 3. Car Charging Cable 4. DC5521 Connection Cable 5. Quick Start Guide



Capacity: 768Wh

Cell Chemistry: LFP

Life cycles: 3000 cycles at more than 80 % of capacity

Discharge Temperature: -10°C to 45°C

Charge Temperature: 0°C to 45°C

Optimal Operating Temperature: 20°C to 30°C

Storage Temperature:-10°C to 45°C (20°C to 30°C is best)


AC Input: 220-240V 50Hz/60Hz, 870W Max

Solar Input: 11-50V, 13A, 220W Max

Car Input: 12V/24V, 8A, 100W Max

USB-C Input/Output: 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max

DC Output: 12.6V, 10A/3A/3A, 126W Max

USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A, 12W Max

AC Output: Pure Sine Wave, 800W total (surge 1600W), 230V ~ 50Hz/60Hz


AC Charging: 0-80% in 56 minutes 0-100% in 70 minutes (940W Max)

Car charging: 9 hours

USB-C charging: 9 hours

Solar charging (1 × 220W portable solar panel): 3.5 hours


Net Weight: Approximately 7.8 kg

Dimensions: 270×260×226 mm

App Control: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

1. Using RIVER 2 Pro six times a week, 3000 full 100% cycles will last 9.6 years until it drops to 80%.
2. BMS includes over-voltage, overloading, over-temperature, short circuit, low-temperature, low voltage, and overcurrent.
3. When charging and discharging at high wattage, RIVER 2 Pro may make a noise up to 62 dB.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Katrina W.
Powerful & Compact

We purchased the River 2 Pro for an additional power source in our small Berlingo Microcamper and to also use at home for our frequent power cuts. Ideal size and managed to run our 500wt oil heater for a few hours. Fast to charge too. Win, win.

Simon F.

Having already bought a more cumbersome Anker 767 2kw unit, I needed something fairly powerful but small enough to fit into a cupboard in a VW California! The Ecoflow River 2 Pro seemed the ideal choice! It took about a week to arrive but what a fantastic piece of kit! I immediately teated it on a 300w Aputure light ( I’m a TV Cameraman ) and it ran it at full for well over 2 hours ( I only need to to run for several 10 minute live hits and possibly half hour interviews ) More importantly it powere my 600w kettle and only takes about 5-6 minutes to boil , using less than 10% which I then top up with the 12v charger and it’s full again by the next tea break! More importantly it’s tiny , very portable and takes just over an hour to fully charge although realistically a lot less as I normally recharge when it gets to 30% ! The app is extremely good! It’s rare I’m this happy about a product! Some say they’d like a wireless charger on thee top but I bought a wireless charger and everytime I pick my phone up it stops charging , pointless! It’s a fantastic product that meets that rare thing known as perfection ! Well Done Eco Flow!

Steven B.


Michael B.

The River 2 Pro seems to live up to all its claims.
Following an earlier purchase of a 1Kw generator, I purchased cooking kit with power levels around the 700-800W demand. The River 2 Pro runs all these with ease and still has reserves of power.
AC charging is quick and efficient and the unit will operate as a UPS for emergency mains loss.
The only negative is its weight, it is quite an effort to lug around but this is expected with the battery capacity inside.
i would also like to have seen an add-on battery facility

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