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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Smart Extra Battery (Refurbished)

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Smart Extra Battery (Refurbished)

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• Expandable Capacity
• Convenient Recharging
• Fast Recharging
• Internal Storage Compartment
• Power multiple devices
• Control from anywhere
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    £519 £699 -£180
    This is a pre order item. We will ship it when it comes in stock.

    The terms “DELTA” and “RIVER” as mentioned on this page refer to products exclusively manufactured by ECOFLOW INC.

    Next Level Capacity

    DELTA 2 expands up to 2048Wh with smart extra battery, keeping your home powered on in any emergency.

    Convenient Recharging

    DELTA 2 and its Extra Battery charge and discharge in unison. Recharging from portable solar panels, AC outlets, or our Smart Generator is easy.

    Fast Recharging

    Charge up with DELTA 2 from 0-80% in 70 minutes and 0-100% in 120 minutes with AC input.

    Internal Storage Compartment

    Get extra storage for accessories conveniently, saving space at home or on the go.

    More Ports Than You'll Need

    DELTA 2 fits with every port you'll ever need to power any devices anywhere, so you will always feel right.

    Control from anywhere

    Get all the same info about battery percent, remaining recharge time, hours left, and more on the built-in screen. You can check the battery's status anywhere from the EcoFlow app.

    What's in the box

    1. EcoFlow DELTA 2 Smart Extra Battery; 2. DELTA 2 Extra Battery Cable; 3. User Manual & Warranty Card

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Andrew S.

    I haven’t really had an opportunity to use the Battery yet as it arrived a couple of days after I left for a 2 week trip to Europe, I was going to use it with my Delta 2 in an attempt to run my Motorhome for a couple of days, but will have to try that experiment at a later date. What I did find out from Ecoflow though is that if you have an extra battery with your Delta 2 you can not use the Alternator Charger to charge both batteries at the same time, as the Alternator Charger plugs into the Delta 2’s extra Battery Port (disappointing), however I am informed by Ecoflow that they are looking at another charging cable that will run from the Alternator Charger into the Solar Input Socket (I’m assuming at a lower wattage 500w/hr?). I'm not an electrician so please don't take anything above as gospel.

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