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EcoFlow RIVER Series

Take Steps Towards Power Independence.

Solar generators that put portability first.

Introducing EcoFlow RIVER Series. A line up of portable solar generators ranging from RIVER 2 to RIVER 2 Pro. Whatever you opt for, they're all small solar generators that can be held in one hand. They're a perfect fit for camping, outdoor living & RV trips.

Why choose a RIVER Series portable solar generator?


Handheld power.

Lightweight and compact, all RIVER series models are designed to be carried in one hand.

Power pretty much all your gear.

For their size, the 600W AC output can pretty much power all your devices. From phones, lights and small stoves you'll be able to take all the home comforts with you on your next camping trip.

Charge with portable solar panels.

All RIVER Series solar generators can be charged using solar panels. Thanks to state of the art EcoFlow solar panels, in optimal sunlight they can be fully charged in 4-5 hours.


Solar generators for camping.

Gone are the days of relying upon mains power to add juice to your portable power station. RIVER solar generator bundles come with a foldable solar panel. When you're running low on battery, hook up the solar panel and recharge your solar generator. What's great is, EcoFlow RIVER Series solar generators can charge themselves and power devices simultaneously.

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Generator Kits

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RIVER 2 Pro +
220W Solar Panel

EcoFlow DELTA SolarGenerator Bundles

Solar Input 220W

Capacity 768Wh

Solar Charging
4.5 hours (parallel)

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EcoFlow DELTA SolarGenerator Bundles

RIVER 2 Max +
160W Solar Panel

EcoFlow DELTA SolarGenerator Bundles

Solar Input 220W

Capacity 512Wh

Solar Charging
4 hours (parallel)

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EcoFlow DELTA SolarGenerator Bundles

110W Solar Panel

EcoFlow DELTA SolarGenerator Bundles

Solar Input 110W

Capacity 256Wh

Solar Charging
3 hours (parallel)

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EcoFlow DELTA SolarGenerator Bundles

Gas generators are a generation behind.

EcoFlow home solar generators are the new wave of energy storage, replacing old-school gas generators. Without noise, fumes or maintenance you can take power outdoors, or even indoors. That makes them great solar generators for RVs, homes & camping. Take a step into the future of energy storage and backup your home.

noise. fumes. hassle.

No noise. No fumes. No hassle.

Take a step towards a greener future with an EcoFlow RIVER Series solar generator. Compared to traditional generators that burn fuel, solar generators just need to absorb the sun's rays or a AC outlet to recharge. With no emissons, noise or clunky mechanics they can be used indoors or outdoors. Whether you're in a camper van or on a campsite, they are a great power supply option.


Why are solar generators better than traditional generators?

RIVER Series solar generators are portable, produce no noise or emissions and can charge using sustainable methods. Tradtional generators burn harmful fossil fuels and have clunky mechanical parts which create noise. Solar generators can also be used indoors or outdoors safely whereas traditional generators have to be used outside.

Why are RIVER Series solar generators so good for outdoor living?

RIVER Series solar generators are lightweight, compact and can be held in one hand. This means you've got less to carry and more power for your outdoor adventures. Complete with a foladable EcoFlow solar panel and a 300W solar input, means you can begin converting the sun's rays to energy when you get to your destination. In optimal conditions, they can charge up in 4 hours using solar. They all pack a 800W power output with 1600W surcharge, meaning you've got more than enough power to use small stoves, lights, kettles and more during your trip.

Are solar generators safe?

Yes, all RIVER Series solar generators are safe. Their state of the art BMS system auto-regulates current, voltage and temperature. This means if you place your solar generator inside or out, you can rest easy knowing your unit has you covered.