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Portable Power Stations

Unlock limitless energy freedom with portable power stations, a reliable solution for powering your life. Ensure power independence, cut electricity bills, and be prepared for any emergency.

What is a Portable Power Station?

EcoFlow portable power stations are battery-powered generators designed to power your gear no matter where you are. With various capacities, outputs, and outlets, there's power for any situation. Whether you need compact power source for camping or cut the bill, we've got you covered with the best portable power station selection so that you never need to worry about power again.

Home Solutions
Mobile & Off-grid

How Does a Portable Power Station Work?

Portable power stations convert and store energy from a wall outlet at home, a car adaptor when you're on the go, or by connecting EcoFlow Solar Panels to harness clean, renewable energy from the sun. With outlets that cover pretty much every household appliance, plug in and power up whenever and wherever you need to.

Cut your bill with EcoFlow Power Stations

Octopus Energy's Power-Up programme offers customers free energy during high renewable energy production periods, typically mid-day. This initiative allows unlimited energy usage during these periods, encouraging tasks like laundry without added costs. It also promotes the use of portable power stations for storing surplus energy, which reduces electricity bills and supports cleaner energy use.

EcoFlow DELTA Series
Portable Power Stations

EcoFlow DELTA Portable Power Stations offer an excellent solution to reduce your electricity bill. With capacities ranging from 1-21.5kWh and up to 7200W AC output, the EcoFlow DELTA Series ensures you have a sustainable and cost-effective power source. Enjoy substantial savings and power your high-energy appliances like space heaters and central AC without worrying about soaring electricity costs.


1024Wh Capacity |
1800W Output


2048Wh Capacity |
2400W Output


2016Wh Capacity |
2400W Output


3600Wh Capacity |
3600W Output

Wi-Fi router (10W)

31 hrs

60 hrs

60 hrs

108 hrs

Fan (40W)

16 hrs

34 hrs

34 hrs

50 hrs

50" TV (110W)

16 hrs

15 hrs

15 hrs

27 hrs

Refrigerator (120W)


14-28 hrs

14-28 hrs

24-48 hrs

PC (500W)

0.8 hrs

1.9 hrs

1.9 hrs

3.3 hrs

Coffee maker (1000W)

0.7 hrs

1.8 hrs

1.8 hrs

3 hrs

Electric grill (1150W)

0.6 hrs

1.5 hrs

1.5 hrs

2.5 hrs

Microwave (1300W)

0.4 hrs

1 hour

1 hour

1.8 hrs

Induction cooker (1800W)

0.4 hrs

0.8 hrs

0.8 hrs

1.5 hrs

EcoFlow RIVER Series
Portable Power Stations

Need to stay powered up without being weighed down? The RIVER Series offers perfect power options for your next off-grid adventure. They may be compact, but EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Stations provide more than enough energy to keep personal devices charged and essentials running while you're off the grid. Recharge anywhere using solar panels, top up at a wall outlet, or even in your car. Getting away from it all doesn't mean sacrificing the comforts of home with EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Stations.


256Wh Capacity |
300W Output


512Wh Capacity |
500W Output


768Wh Capacity |
800W Output

Phone (11Wh)

19 charges

38 charges

57 charges

Camera (16Wh)

13 charges

26 charges

39 charges

Light (10W DC)

20 hr

40 hr

60 hr

Laptop (60W)

3.4 charges

6.8 charges

10.2 charges

Projector (65W)

2.9 hr

5.8 hr

8.7 hr

Refrigerator (120W)

1.7-3.4 hr

3.4-6.8 hr

6.1-12.2 hr

PS5 (200W)

1 hr

2 hr

3 hr

Blender (500W)

0.68 hr

0.8 hr

1.2 hr

Coffee maker (1000W)

0.768 hr

Why Choose an EcoFlow
Portable Power Station?

X-BOOST: More for less

Our proprietary tech, X-Boost, gives you more for less, letting you run some appliances with a higher wattage than the unit's rated power. Instead of increasing the output and overloading the circuit, the unit lowers the appliance's wattage to be used safely. With the help of X-Boost, you can power up to 99% of all devices.

X-STREAM: Charge in as fast as 50 min.

Our proprietary charging technology was built for life on the go. Whether you're on a road trip, off-grid adventure, or powering up during an emergency, you no longer have to wait hours on end to charge up your battery. Just plug in, charge up rapidly, and you’re good to go.

Battery Management System: Safety guaranteed.

They're not only built to last, but our batteries put safety first, too. An advanced battery management system regulates voltage, current, and temperature in real-time to ensure safe and optimal performance.

LFP Battery: More than a decade of power.

More than a decade of power. With LiFePO4 battery chemistry, our newest power stations have an extended 10-year life. That’ll give you 3000+ complete cycles, so your battery will stand the test of time.

Solar Charging: Harness nature's energy.

Charge your portable power station anywhere using the power of the sun. Connect an EcoFlow solar panel to your unit and utilize free energy to prep for an outage or drastically lower your energy bills.

Warranty: Quality assured.

We offer comprehensive and competitive warranties on all our units, so you can experience peace of mind when you shop with us.

Hear From Our Users

“I used to hate loadshedding. But then I discovered EcoFlow. Their portable power stations have been a lifesaver! I can connect all of my devices to keep them running even when the electricity is out.”

Nkanyiso Mntungwa

“Power outage? No worries, I've got the power flow going! With multiple output ports, my EcoFlow RIVER Max isn't just powerful, it's a multi-tasking marvel! ”

Chintan Patel

“I'm consistently impressed by the capabilities of my EcoFlow, and I'm equally amazed at the energy efficiency of my compact Philips Airfryer. With its peak temperature of 1500 watts, the Delta 2 would undoubtedly handle the task effortlessly.”

Dave Thomas

“Delta 2 Max! This thing is the perfect size! The best thing, it has dual solar charging!! and dual extra battery ports! Thank you Ecoflow for creating the perfect product for the perfect occasion.”

Eduardo Ramirez

"The reliability and quality of ECOFLOW. NEVER LETS ME DOWN. In the 3 years or so I've tested these products in the field [ ] in the harshest Aussie conditions. Performance has been without flaws."

Wayne Keys

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EcoFlow Portable Power Station FAQ

Are Portable Power Stations Safe?

Yes, provided you use them with care. There are several safety rules you should abide by to minimize the likelihood of undesirable outcomes. The first is to keep your device dry at all times to avoid potential electrocution or maintenance issues. Also, ensure your cables don't become trip hazards. When used responsibly, portable power stations are completely safe.

Are Portable Power Stations Sustainable?

Yes. Since you can recharge PPSs repeatedly from several power sources, you can reuse them multiple times to full effect. Sustainability can be further enhanced through attachable solar panels, allowing you to recharge your station via solar power. Sunlight is an entirely renewable clean energy source, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable power source.

How Long Can You Run a Portable Power Station

The runtime depends on the kind of portable power station you purchase. Different models have different-sized batteries and energy storage capacities, affecting how long they can run before recharging. Additionally, the devices and appliances you hook up to your PPS will affect the runtime. Appliances that require significant power (such as televisions or refrigerators) will drain your station faster than smaller devices such as phones or laptops.

How Many Years Do Portable Power Stations Last?

The product lifespan largely depends on the model you decide to purchase and the battery type. LFP batteries (short for LiFePO4), like the kind you find in EcoFlow PPSs, last around 6500 cycles before their storage capacity diminishes. The number of years the portable power station also depends on how frequently you use and recharge the device. You can expect many years of service from your portable power station if you buy from a reputable brand. Your power station could meet your portable and backup power needs for ten years or more. They are a durable and worthwhile investment.

What is the Difference Between Portable Power Stations and Generators?

The fundamental difference is that a generator generates power, whereas a portable power station only stores energy. It doesn't create new energy on its own. A PPS stores the energy you charge it with from solar panels, AC wall plugs, car adapters, and other charging methods so you can take it with you and use it later. In some situations, like EcoFlow power stations, you can add solar panels to your existing PPS and seamlessly convert it into a solar generator. Adding solar panels saves you from having to purchase an additional generator as a power source.

Does EcoFlow Charge While in Use?

Yes, EcoFlow products can continue to charge while in use. You just need to ensure the output wattage doesn't exceed the input wattage; otherwise, there is no additional energy for the PPS to store. For example, if the input wattage is 1000W, but your output wattage amounts to 1200W, your energy levels will drop even though technically you're ‘charging’ the PPS since you’re ‘emptying’ the station quicker than you're ‘filling’ it.

Is the EcoFlow Portable Power Station Silent?

The portable power stations from EcoFlow are whisper quiet, especially compared to fossil fuel generators. We can't guarantee total silence when in use, as it is still an electrical device completing various functions. Just like a laptop emits sound, the PPS does as well. However, any noise our power stations produce is minimal and not disruptive, averaging around 45 decibels. The decibel level is similar to that of a library or bird calls.

Which EcoFlow Portable Power Station Is the Best?

The best PPS entirely depends on your individual needs and what you intend to use your power station to charge. EcoFlow portable power stations come as part of two ranges — RIVER and DELTA. Each range offers subdivisions of Mini, Max, Pro, etc. The DELTA Pro is currently the most robust power station from EcoFlow — but it’s also the largest. It’s perfect for home backup but probably not as practical as a RIVER Max if you’re taking it camping. Consider why you want a portable power station and how much power you need to guide your decision!

What Size Power Station Do I Need?

Power stations come in all shapes and sizes to meet any customer's needs. Size here can refer to the dimensions of the product and its capacity. If you plan on moving your power station around regularly, you may want to consider a more compact and lightweight device. If you need to prioritize output power and capacity to run high-wattage appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners, you may want to sacrifice some portability for more output. The best way to figure out the right size for you is to weigh factors like portability, power output and storage capacity, weight, and dimensional footprint.

What Type of Battery Does EcoFlow Use?

Depending on the model, EcoFlow portable power stations utilize lithium-ion (Li-Ion), NCM, or lithium-ion phosphate batteries (LiFePO4/LFP). Lithium-ion and NCM batteries are robust, but none more so than the LiFePO4s, which are powerful, fast charging, and last 4-5 times longer than lithium-ion batteries. LFPs are also a greener option and safer to run since they are cobalt-free. LFP batteries can last for 6500 cycles and achieve a depth of discharge rate of 100%, protecting users from over-discharging.

What is Octopus Energy's Power-Up programme?

In collaboration with EcoFlow and NPUK, Octopus Energy's Power-Up programme offers customers free energy during high renewable energy production periods, typically mid-day. This initiative allows unlimited energy usage during these periods, encouraging tasks like laundry without added costs. It also promotes the use of portable power stations for storing surplus energy, which reduces electricity bills and supports cleaner energy use.

The terms “DELTA” and “RIVER” as mentioned on this page refer to products exclusively manufactured by ECOFLOW INC.

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